With the recent kick-off of ArtStation Fashion Week, there’s never been a better time to try out some new resources for your designs! We’ve rounded up 10 products created by members of the ArtStation community that will help you create perfectly cozy digital fashion looks.

Puffer Smart Substance Material

by Alexandra Lazarenko

Alexandra’s smart Substance puffer material allows you to create your own patchwork styles. Change fabrics, adjust thread colours, customize patterns, and more!

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Wool Fabric Mini Pack in 4 Colors

by Diego Zarate

Diego’s chunky knit wool material comes in four colours, and with a 4K resolution, you’ll be ready to render in no time.

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Knitted Fabric Material Bundle

by Mohsen Gh

This material was made with time-saving in mind! You can pick your base color, tweak knitted details, and select height level.

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Tweed and Weaved Fabric Materials Vol. 11

by Debox Studio

Bring realistic details to your 3D fashion pieces with these 60 tweed and woven materials.

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High-Detailed Fabric Smart Materials for Substance Painter

by Javad Rajabzade

Javad’s versatile resource pack includes smart materials for making flannel, tartan, cotton, and more.

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by Pauline Boiteux

Give your fashion creations a timeless look with help from Pauline’s pack of wool materials, all made with Substance Designer.

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40 Match Fabric Materials

by Zhax_Studio

Looking for the perfect fabric for the winter season? This mega resource pack has got you covered.

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Basic Scarves Pack

by Toshi

Try out 18 different scarf designs with this resource for Marvelous Designer and CLO.

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Streetwear Oversize Sweater #010

by Jon Sánchez

Streetwear sensibilities meet classic appeal in this digital fashion project for Marvelous Designer and CLO.

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Women’s Winter Outfit 1

by Strange Alice

Pick up this winter set with hat, sweater, top, and pants for some seasonal inspiration. Ready for use with CLO and Marvelous Designer.

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