On numerous occasions, Think Tank Training Centre (TTTC), has been complimented by leading studios on the stellar quality of work their students produce. Their very own Think Tank awards season is a reminder and testament to this statement. The award is held at the end of every Foundation term to give recognition to their amazing students for their hard work, and give the best of the best a chance to win cash prizes and scholarships.

During the most recent semester, students from theThink Tank Online – Foundation Termgot the chance to participate in the competition by submitting their final term project. The final term project is the one piece of artwork that demonstrates all the skills they have learned throughout the program, from modeling, lighting to texturing, sculpting, and more. The students are tasked with choosing a piece of concept art and transforming it into an image that will test all of the skills they have mastered throughout the program.

Students get votes based on loyalty to the concept art and the technical skills they demonstrated. The final projects were voted upon by Think Tank’s cohort of CG experts worldwide, and other luminaries. Think Tank has always been blown away by the quality of work the students are able to produce considering they’ve only been in training for a few months. Prize money goes towards Think Tank students’ tuition.

This term, the final projects were split into two groups for double the prizes! Be amazed by the Online Foundation Term – October 2021 intake winners:

Group A: 1st Place – Eduardo Damian

Concept by Sixmorevodka | Student work by Eduardo Damian

Group A: 2nd Place – Arvind T. R.

Concept by Alexey Kruglov | Student work by Arvind T. R.

Group A: 3rd Place – Alexander Acklin

Concept by Stacy Frantsek |Student Work by Alexander Acklin

Group B: 1st Place – Matthew Jetton

Concept by St. Cygnus | Student work by Matthew Jetton

Group B: 2nd Place – Maria Moreno Martinez

Concept by Julia Blattman | Student work by Maria Moreno Martinez

Group B: 3rd Place – Vivian Poetzscher

Concept by Dao Trong Le | Student work by Vivian Poetzscher

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