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SpaceWalk: A Spectacular Rollercoaster-Esque Staircase Loops Through a South Korean Park

January 27, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth

Towering 70-meters above ground at its highest point, 「SpaceWalk」 is the latest undulating sculpture by Hamburg-based artists Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth. The monumental staircase winds in loops and elevations similar to that of a rollercoaster throughout Hwanho Park in Pohang, South Korea, and is almost entirely accessible for pedestrians except for the innermost circuit. It』s the largest contemporary public sculpture ever installed in the country.

A follow-up to the pair』s 2011 project 「Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain」 in Duisburg, Germany, 「SpaceWalk」 is built of galvanized and stainless steels atop a cement foundation and embedded rows of LED lights. 「At night in particular, the brightly-illuminated walkway appears like a sigil drawn in the sky, appearing to represent different things depending on where one is standing,」 Mutter and Genth say. 「Thus, the sculpture also references local mythology and a tradition of sky-gazing and also makes playful use of relativity.」

Pedestrians enter the work at a central staircase, which breaks into two paths: one gently sloped walkway leads to a view of Yeongil Bay and the surrounding city, while the other is a steeper climb through a helix. Both are designed to mimic an otherworldly experience. 「The title 『SpaceWalk』 is taken from the terminology of outer space missions. It describes the act of exiting the space vehicle in the weightlessness of outer space. More literally, 『SpaceWalk』 can be understood to mean 『a walk through space,’」 they say.

For more of the duo』s architectural projects, head to their site. (via This Isn』t Happiness)


#public art


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