Over the last couple of months, theAdobeSubstance 3Dteam has released major advancements, as well as minor improvements, across their collection of apps and content. They’re excited to share more information with the ArtStation community below. Continue reading to learn more!

Substance 3D Modeler

In October, Substance 3D Modeler was officially released. Modeler makes modeling and sculpting feel as gestural and natural as working with real clay. Seamless transition between Desktop and VR workflows gives you even more flexibility while you create.

Substance 3D Modeler uses the latest advancements in voxel-based 3D technology, which means you don’t have to worry about polygons and topology while you create. You have full control over the output resolution, and Modeler will automatically generate a mesh for you at export. Modeler will also automatically handle your UV maps at export, too. We hope by removing some of the headaches from your workflows, Modeler will allow you to spend more time doing what you do best.

Whether you’ve tried out Modeler while it was in beta or not, join Modeler Mondays livestreams every other Monday at 1:00 EST, where artists and their creative processes using the application will be featured.

Substance 3D Painter Updates

The Substance 3D Collection continues to improve, and Substance 3D Painter is no exception to that goal with version 8.2. The latest version features many quality-of-life improvements to several dedicated features.

Shortcuts and actions have been added to make it quick and easy to copy and apply blending modes and opacity across multiple channels in the layer stack. In addition, filter and color selection effects can now be used in blending modes and opacity controls.

There’s even more room for creative customization now that folder content (the color part of a layer) can receive effects of any kind. You don’t have to create complex layer configurations (like passthrough layers) to achieve these results.

Other updated features include:

  • New Substance archive (SBSAR) export for textures
  • Environment option to light up underneath 3D models
  • Favorites and delete/reload section in Assets window
  • A new welcome panel and what’s new panel, and many more bug fixes and minor improvements.

Scan the World with Substance Sampler

At Adobe Max, it was revealed that Adobe Substance 3D Sampler was getting an exciting update—photogrammetry.

Sampler started with image to material digitization, then grew to encompass light digitization as well. Standing on that foundation, the next logical step for Sampler had to be object digitization. This new advancement allows for anyone to digitize any object with nothing more than Substance 3D Sampler and a camera—including a smartphone.

These new features are currently in beta, with a full release coming soon.

Discover Thousands of New Assets

To date, the Adobe Substance Asset Library includes over 15,000 assets. And, that’s only the beginning with the asset collection continuing to grow year-round. From assets tailored to major industries or stylized art, there will be a collection for everyone.

Substance 3D models, materials, and lights, allow you to stage 3D scenes without having to create from scratch.Whether you’re an expert looking to save time, or a beginner who wants to stage your first 3D scene, the Substance 3D Asset Library can help.

Students Get the Substance 3D Apps Free

Lastly, everyone in the ArtStation community should know that all five Substance 3D apps are available for free for students and teachers in higher education institutions with an education license.

To find out if you’re eligible, simply create an Adobe account if you don’t have one, then submit a request for the license here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Adobe Substance 3D’s latest updates! Discover everything the Substance 3D Collection has to offer by heading over to their 3D & AR page.

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