Welcome to the Immortals of Aveum art blast! 

Immortals of Aveum was a passion project right from the beginning. In fact, passion was one of the hiring pillars CEO and Game Director, Bret Robbins, mandated when founding Ascendant Studios. A studio and project that I was lucky enough to help start, to live and breathe for the past 5 years, and to experience the hiring of so many great artists over that time span. 

There was a very clear vision for the project from the beginning: a world steeped in magic, fraught with conflict, that melds fantasy and science-fiction into a rich, lore-filled story where its long history emanates throughout the enchanting set pieces and subtle details. And although the story, gameplay, levels, and characters have meandered through the typical shape-shifting iterations that come with making games in general, the final execution can be tied back to that original vision with credence. 

From an art standpoint, the charge for our art team was to not only fill the expansive world of Aveum with rich, believable, and beautiful visuals, but to do so with a directive to create the unexpected when it comes to portraying a new fantasy world. With an eclectic recipe of old world and sci-fi aesthetic, the visuals in our world of Aveum can best be described as what is discovered when visiting a planet from a different time and place, one with unique subsistence and chronicle. 

We couldn’t have done this without all the hard work and passion from talented Ascendant Studios artists past and present, as well as our external partners across the globe. I hope you enjoy what we have poured our souls into for the last half decade.

Dave Bogan 

Senior Art Director, Ascendant Studios

Julia Lichtblau

Associate Art Director, Ascendant Studios 


Julia Lichtblau – Lead Artist/Associate Art Director – Ascendant Studios


Morten Pedersen – Sr. Concept Artist – Ascendant Studios

Chris Bonura – Senior Concept Artist – Ascendant Studios

Davide Pagin – Sr. Character/Concept Artist – Ascendant Studios

Armando Savoia – Concept Artist – Freelance

Jessie Jiang – Concept Artist – Contractor

Vlad Tkach – Concept Artist – Contractor

Simon Fetscher – Lead Concept Artist – MOOD Visuals

Konsta Nikkilä – Senior Concept Artist – MOOD Visuals

Moon Pillar Studio – Concept Art Studio – Moon Pillar Studio

Room 8 Studio – Outsource Studio

ENTANGLED – Outsource Studio


Mike Fudge – Lead Character Artist – Ascendant Studios

Davide Pagin – Senior Character Artist – Ascendant Studios

Bekki Wilkinson – Character Artist – Ascendant Studios

Sarah McNeal – Character Artist – Ascendant Studios

Christian Ruesseler – Senior Character Artist – TLM Partners

SWAME Studio


Chris Herrin – Senior Environment Artist – Ascendant Studios

Morgan Dudra – Senior Environment Artist – Ascendant Studios

Kaleb Nekumanesh – Senior Environment Artist – Ascendant Studios

Michael Audije – Senior Environment Artist – Ascendant Studios

James Arkwright – Senior Environment Artist – Ascendant Studios

Mason Sinkula – Environment Artist – Ascendant Studios

Zephren Varner – Junior Environment Artist – Ascendant Studios

João Balbino – Senior Environment Artist – TLM Partners

Tjaart Kruger – Senior Environment Artist – TLM Partners

Carlos Bonilla – Senior Environment Artist – TLM Partners

Patryk Sokołowski – Environment Artist – TLM Partners

Haig Matian – Environment Artist – TLM Partners

Ernie Tsang – Junior Environment Artist – TLM Partners


Peter Turner – Lead Environment Modeler – Ascendant Studios

Woodrow Engle – Senior Material Artist – Ascendant Studios

Mike Vallejo – Senior Art Outsourcing Manager – Ascendant Studios

Jefferson Smith – Environment Modeler – Ascendant Studios

Peter Arata – Outsource Integration Artist – Ascendant Studios

Whitney Lanier – Outsource Integration Artist – Ascendant Studios

ENTANGLED Studio – Outsource Studio

Mutaform Studio – Outsource Studio

RedHotCG – Outsource Studio


Cliff Westfall – Senior VFX Artist – Ascendant Studios

Yao Yao – Senior VFX Artist – Ascendant Studios


Jacob Palmer – Animation Director, Ryan Rasmussen – Cinematics Director, Sunny Palmer – Lead Gameplay Animator, Anton Makarau – Senior Animator, Jason Malinowsky – Senior Animator, Gloria Fish – Animator – Ascendant Studios – Immortals of Aveum
Animation polish work primarily done by Agora Studios