With the launch of Unreal Engine 5, the opportunities to create more interactive and immersive experiences are greater than ever. Artists and filmmakers are exploring new ways to tell stories and captivate audiences, and studios are expanding their virtual production services to meet demand.

Frozen Lands, created in Unreal Engine by CG Spectrum virtual production student Marc Carratala Arce

While there is a learning curve to virtual production and cinematic storytelling, expert training can fast-track this process and open up a whole new world of possibilities for creators, especially if they already have production experience.

Adding real-time skills also comes with career benefits, with global demand for real-time skills outpacing IT skills by 50% and growing 10% faster than the overall job market worldwide, according to Burning Glass Technologies.

Lead the New Era of Storytelling with CG Spectrum’s 12-Week Virtual Production Training

To foster the next wave of real-time artists and storytellers, CG Spectrum has unveiled its cutting edge Unreal Connectors: Virtual Production Program, a 12-week intensive covering cinematic storytelling and how to create high-quality short films using Unreal Engine.

With the first intake starting June, 2022, the program is designed to help studios and production professionals learn Unreal Engine quickly and efficiently, along with model ingestion, world building, animation, mocap integration, lookdev, lighting setups and so much more.

The virtual production training is available worldwide and entirely online–a major advantage for studios and artists balancing work schedules and professional development.

Another unique benefit of CG Spectrum’s program is the highly personalized training. Cohorts are intentionally limited to just 4 participants for 2 industry mentors (all experienced real-time experts) to ensure participants can progress faster and get the direct support they need to succeed.

This level of personalized training is the difference between sitting in a packed lecture hall with your favorite director versus having them sit next to you and redline your script.

Participants get access to an intensive online curriculum (designed by Epic Games), ~100 hours of video content, 5 x live sessions each week with their mentors, industry guest speakers, a supportive community, and technical assistants to help with troubleshooting.

“We’re excited to offer a condensed, immersive program for professionals looking to upskill and set themselves apart, and for studios looking to fulfil their workforce needs,”

– Chief Operations Officer Jeremy Chinn, about the Unreal Connectors Program, which complements CG Spectrum’s existing suite of Unreal Engine courses.

What is Unreal Connectors?

This week, Epic Games launched Unreal Connectors: the first micro-credentialing program dedicated to teaching virtual production to established artists.

CG Spectrum, an Unreal Authorized Training Center, Unreal Academic Partner, and now, Unreal Connector, has developed the Unreal Connectors: Virtual Production Program in partnership with Epic Games.

Who is the Unreal Connectors: Virtual Production program for?

  • Media professionals (including filmmakers, creators, animators, game developes, archviz and VFX artists) with production experience who want to expand their role, upgrade their skills, or start a new career
  • Studios looking to train their teams and expand real-time production services

Program details:

  • 12-week intensive, minimum 20 hours per week 
  • Mentorship from CG Spectrum’s professional real-time artists 
  • Small cohort sizes: 4 participants to 2 industry mentors
  • 100% online and available worldwide
  • Flexible scheduling catering to working professionals
  • 5x live sessions per week wth real-time experts
  • Intensive online curriculum designed by Epic Games
  • Approx. 100 hours of video content alongside project-based work
  • Industry guest speakers, and a supportive community
  • Qualification: Micro-credential from Epic Games

Ready to future-proof your career or power up your team? Register now

Whether you want to advance your own career, or upskill your studio with a customized training program, register your interest in CG Spectrum’s Unreal Connectors: Virtual Production Program. Limited seats available!

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