These nine crystal art resources created by members of the ArtStation community are here to help your next project shine! You can find these and thousands of other helpful products for sale on the ArtStation Marketplace.

CGSphere Crystal Kitbash

byCG Sphere

CGSphere’s kitbash set contains 32 crystals that can be used as a starter for your own crystal art creations.

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Mineral/Crystal Studies Project Files

byAdrien Lambert

This pack includes Houdini and Blender files of iron pyrite, fibrous malachite, rutilated quartz, and peridot.

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High Quality Kit-Bash Crystals

byIan Vicknair

Ian Vicknair’s kitbash set includes 33 realistic crystals, structured in modular chunks for easy use.

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Stylized Smart Materials Stone & Gem

byJavad Rajabzade

This pack of 37 highly detailed and completely customizable smart materials was 100% made with Substance Painter.

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20 Crystal Mineral Smart Materials & 100 Unique Crystals + Video Tutorial

byPamir Bal

With 20 different crystal mineral smart materials included, Pamir Bal’s kit offers plenty of variety.

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Stylized Energy Crystal Smart Material Tutorial & Substance Painter Smart Material Bundle


This pack contains an in-depth tutorial on how to create a stylized energy crystal from to start to finish, as well as 20+ preset crystal .spsm files.

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Bismuth Crystal

byMathieu Godet

This stunning bismuth crystal asset was created with Blender 3.1 Geometry Nodes.

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Realistic Crystal 2 Brush Set

byZsolt Kosa

Use these 30 photo-based dynamic brushes to speed up your workflow and create uniquely detailed scenes.

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Earth Stones and Raw Crystals Photo Pack 500+ High-Res JPGs

byHue Teo

Get a geology crash course with this mega photo pack from Hue Too! It contains more than 500 photos that are perfect for texture studies.

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