For the 2nd year in a row, Vizlab Studios is hosting CAVE Conference – a celebration of Concept Art and Visual Exploration for the entertainment industry. Participate in 2 amazing days in the company of likeminded artists and visual creatives to share knowledge, experiences, and inspire each other! 

Once again, you have the chance to join CAVE Conference in Viborg for a packed 2 days filled with inspiring talks and demos from some of the best concept artists and art directors in the entertainment industry. Understand their thought processes, creative approach, techniques, and use of tools. There will be plenty of room for you to network with both speakers and other conference participants during sessions and networking spaces.

Here’s a sneak peek of the sessions you will experience during CAVE 2023:  

Unreal Engine 5: Game Engines for Concept Design – by Jama Jurabaev

Being able to adapt your work approach is integral to Concept Design. The use and demand for concept design in Unreal Engine is steadily increasing – combined with the number of tools available through the engine, it is quickly becoming a preferred tool for both entertainment creators within the movie and game industry. In this talk, Jama Jurabaev will provide insights into his latest workflows in Unreal Engine 5, showcasing work from his latest projects. 

Leveling Up Your Professional Approach – Be a Great Artist & Colleague – by Atey Ghailan

The process of growing and improving as an artist is constant. Whether you are new to a studio or have years of experience, complex situations keep appearing. It is critical that you perform as an individual and as a team. Atey Ghailan has a vast experience, both as a studio artist and as a studio founder, which he draws upon in this talk, where you will learn about best practices, habits to learn and improve, and how to work in a studio – succeeding as an individual while also supporting your team. 

10 Principles of Good Game Art Direction – by Rasmus Poulsen

Understanding what art directors appreciate and being able to process their input and feedback is an essential part of being successful as a concept artist. During this talk, Rasmus Poulsen, currently art director of Project 007 at IO Interactive and one of the most experienced game art directors in Denmark, will give you valuable insights to the 10 Principles of Good Game Art Direction – principles you can follow and implement in your daily work.

The Secret Sauce of Character Design – by Antonio Stappaerts

Why are some characters more memorable and believable than others? Some characters just feel “real” in comparison to others. Antonio Stappaerts is a specialist in character concept design and have done character designs for multiple AAA games while levelling up aspiring artists through the ArtWOD school. During this talk, Antonio will let you in on the secret sauce of designing great characters, designed with a personality and with the purpose of leaving a memorable impact. 

Designing Awesome Spaceships – by Jort van Welbergen

If you love grand sci-fi, hard-surface designs, and spaceships, then this talk is for you! During his talk Jort van Welbergen will take you through his design process, from the idea and sketching phase, all the way to the final design of big and awesome looking spaceships. Jort is basing his talk on the recent work he has been doing on for the game Star Atlas – a game that takes spaceships and intergalactic exploration to the next level. 

Full Speaker List & Program

Check out the full CAVE 2023 program and the list of speakers for this year’s event: 

Event Information

The event is held September 28th and 29th in Viborg Denmark – a UNESCO Creative City – during Viborg Animation Festival. The town will be buzzing with creative events and showcases, celebrating visual creativity and storytelling. CAVE will be taking place in a cinema (Fotorama in Viborg), where you’ll be seated in comfy cinema seats and experience amazing art, presentations, and demos on the BIG screen! 

Thursday evening you can join the Palette Mixer party, where you can party and network with speakers and participants! 

CAVE is free for all students enrolled in study programs (including online studies/non-accredited studies). Furthermore, the first 50 students to register will get a 1-year ArtStation Pro Membership free of charge.

Regular admission: DKK 750.

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