Learning how to apply accurate proportions can make all the difference when it comes to character design. Build up your anatomy drawing skills with these six resources on theArtStation Marketplace.

Draw the Mouth (like a Sith Lord)

byChris Petrocchi

In these two informative video tutorials, you’ll discover the basic anatomy of the mouth, learn how to draw the mouth from any position, use simple construction methods to make the mouth look solid, and more.

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Accuracy – a Drawing Guide on Getting Proportions Right

byDorian Iten

Correcting proportional mistakes eats up a huge amount of time and energy. Sometimes it is so draining that it can even kill the desire to keep drawing. Imagine no erasing, proportion confusion, or anatomy frustration: that’s what this guide is for.

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Foundation Art Group – Basic Head Construction with Bryan Lee

byFoundation Art Group

Master your understanding of the anatomy of the head and face with this 1 hour and 45 minute video course.

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Simple Anatomy For Artists

byTaylor Payton

Bogged down by all the names and shapes of muscles, bones, tissues, and tendons? This course will enable you to get a clearer understanding of the skeleton, muscles, and anatomical aspects of male and female figures.

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Rendering Light and Drawing Facial Features

byNguyen Dong

In this tutorial you’ll learn to render lighting accurately on a basic sphere before applying your knowledge onto facial feature anatomy.

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Painting Facial Features: Eyes

byNaranbaatar Ganbold

Along with five detailed tutorial videos, Naranbaatar’s resource pack includes .psd files, reference images, and brushes.

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